Personalized wellness solutions

Diet & Wellness

As we are all different from one another, not all types of food can grant each one of us the same benefits.
Our choices regarding our food intake must not be casual, in fact, they must take into consideration each individual’s specific needs.

iGenesis is the device that enables us to set a personalized nutritional program starting from the different traits encoded in our genetic heritage.

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Maximum performance
minimum effort

The FitSport DNA Test provides information about individual genetic features and allows you to discover how your body reacts to physical activity.

Thanks to FitSport not only is it possible to improve your sport performance, but also your physical well-being.

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MEDLINE is the medical line of genetic predictive tests aimed at the identification of the predisposition to serious – however common – diseases among the World population, especially as far as the female gender is concerned.
The genetic tests belonging to this line represent the tool by which the specialist can start a personalized prevention plan with their patients.

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