Genodiet consists of three autonomous but complementary modules. Their function is to keep weight under control, identify the right types of food for the body and detect food that could potentially cause disorders.


Weight control

By analyzing specific genetic variations, GENODIET SLIM provides clear instructions about the most suitable amount of lipids, carbohydrates and other nutritionals for helping an individual to lose weight. It is a fundamental test that provides an effective and quick way to obtain results from a hypo-caloric nutritional program and to keep them up over time.

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The right diet for each individual

This test analyzes the genes concerned with our body’s metabolic pathways (cholesterol, folic acid, homocysteine, vitamin D, detoxification, oxidative stress) and helps to get the best out of our diet, therefore, improving our health and well-being.

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Be aware of certain types of food

It is possible to identify genetically based intolerances to common types of food, such as gluten, lactose, salt and caffeine. This test guarantees a quick and reliable outcome regarding possible disorders or symptomatologies.
This information completes the skills we need for choosing the most suitable nutritional program.

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