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The Science Advisory Board

Prof. Giovanni Scapagnini, MD, PhD

drscapagniniBoard Director. Associate Professor of Clinical Biochemistry and Clinical Molecular Biology, University of Molise, Italy.

Internationally recognized expert in biological ageing mechanisms, specialized in brain ageing, and in functional nutrition.

Vice president, founding member and member of the board of directors of the Italian Nutraceutical Society (SINUT). Author of over 100 publications on international scientific journals and organizer of many international congresses involved with the topic of “biological mechanisms of ageing”. He has been invited as speaker to over 200 national and international congresses.

 Prof. Alessandro Weisz, MD

drweiszProfessor of General Pathology, Medicine and Surgery department, University of Salerno, Italy.

Internationally recognized expert of molecular pathological mechanisms, gene transcription regulation, computational bioinformatics and mRNA expression profiling.

Director of the Laboratory of Molecular Medicine and Genomics of the University of Salerno. Author and co-author of numerous articles on international scientific journals

Dr. Donald Craig Willcox, MD, PhD

drcraigCurrently Professor of International Public Health and Gerontology at Okinawa International University in Okinawa, Japan.

Internationally recognized expert in healthy aging and cross-cultural gerontology with training in medical anthropology, gerontology and public health sciences.

Dr. Willcox has extensive cross-national experience in bio-cultural approaches to healthy aging, epidemiology, human nutrition and human population genetics.

He contributes as Associate Editor to numerous journals devoted to research on aging, such as Journals of Gerontology. Professor Willcox has written two best-selling books on healthy aging and longevity that translate his research findings into practical public health programs

Dr. Eugenio Luigi Iorio, MD, PhD

drcraigMedical Doctor, President and founder of the Università Popolare “Medicina degli Stili di Vita – Lifestyle Medicine” (Ascea, Italy), ); Professor for the University Master “Aesthetic Medicine and Wellness”; President and founder of the International Observatory of Oxidative Stress (Salerno, Italy).

Expert in redox systems and redox system dysregulation, in the prevention and treatment of life-style related disorders and in the integration of redoxomics with lipidomics.
Dr. Iorio is promoter of worldwide programs aimed at improving or maintaining the quality of life through personalised interventions on lifestyle by using the redoxomics approach. He is chief editor of the European Journal of Aesthetic Medicine and Dermatology and member and part of directory board of a number of medical societies and associations. He has been speaker in more than 500 scientific congresses and is author or co-author of over 100 academic papers. 

Dr. Juan Carlos Bertoglio, MD, PhD

pr bertoglioProfessor of Medicine and Immunology at the faculty of Medicine and Pharmacology of the Universidad Austral of Chile, Valdivia, Chile.

Internationally recognized expert in immuno-pharmacology and on the therapeutic use of nutraceuticals and phytochemicals in clinical practice.

He is ahead of a medical research group at the Universidad Austral of Chile and Valdivia Regional Hospital. The research projects deal with the long term follow up of patients with diseases, such as rheumatological autoimmune diseases and Multiple Sclerosis, and who have been on clinical research treatment with nutraceutical compounds. His research work also comprises pharmacological safety, tolerability and efficacy studies of formulations of different phytocomponents in wounded and / or oncological patients.
Prof. Juan Carlos Bertoglio is author and co-author of numerous articles on international scientific journals and has taken part to numerous international congresses.

Dr. Fabio Sallustio, MD, PhD

drcraigResearcher and coordinator of the research group on adult kidney stem cells and on IgA Nephropathy at the Operational Unit of Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation of the Emergency and Organ Transplantation Department of the University of Bari and is also Head of Laboratory.

Specialized in gene expression studies and in methods employing microarray technology. Expert in statistical analysis and bioinformatics of complex data from whole-genome studies and in the development of new genetic testing panels.

Speaker for national and international congresses and peer reviewer for highly acknowledged international journals, such as Kidney International, Clinical and Experimental Immunology, Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation. Currently member of the Editorial board of SRL Nephrology & Therapeutics.

Dr. Adrian Fabio Zanoli, MD

drzanoliBiologist and Nutritional Therapist, specialized in diagnosis and follow up of food intolerances. Researcher for the Laboratory of Inflammation Biochemistry of the Mario Negri Institute of Bergamo, Italy.

Specialized in the interpretation of genetic panels aimed at the development of nutritional plans and nutraceutical formulations tailored on individual genetic profiles. Co-author of a study published on Kidney International.

Dr. Ferruccio Balducci, MD

Ferruccio BalducciPharmacist specialized in the pharmacocynetics and pharmacodynamics of phytotherapic extracts in compound formulations. Expert in nutrition and sport nutrition counselling.



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