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Medline Programme

The Medline Programme is the medical line of predictive DNA tests aimed at the identification of the predisposition to common diseases among the World population, especially as far as the female gender is concerned. The Medline Programme DNA tests are an extension to the iGenesis Programme and need to be integrated in the broader context of health management and prevention.
The genetic tests belonging to this line represent the tool by which qualified specialists can introduce their patients to a personalized disease prevention plan.



Genetic predisposition to Osteoporosis and to articular cartilage damage

The Osteo DNA test deals with bone health and investigates individual predisposition to osteoporosis and articular cartilage damage.
The innovative genetic panel studied by DF Medica takes into consideration not only the Metabolism of Vitamin D and Calcium, but also hormonal factors: the Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms selected are all part of the same pathway involved in the regulation of the accumulation and in the turnover of bone mass.

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Osteoporosis is a highly hereditable disease characterized both by genetic risk factors and by the interaction between genetic factors and environmental factors, such as nutrition and physical activity. All these factors must be considered as a whole to the purpose of prevention.
At the same time, it is essential to prevent articular cartilage damage, which occurs with a progressive wear of articulations as a consequence of limited elasticity of the cartilage. The genetic predisposition is an important indicator for athletes and for whoever practices activities which represent a significant stress on articulations.

The Medline Osteo genetic panel has been elaborated on the basis of studies on thousands of individuals and has been confirmed by relevant meta-analyses. The SNPs included in the panel have been proven to be founded by a large number of studies with wide sample-sizes.


Genetic predisposition to Hereditary Thrombophilia

The H. Thrombophilia DNA test allows to identify individual predisposition to Hereditary Thrombophilia, a condition of increased thrombotic risk. The prevention plan related to this disease will take into consideration aspects and habits belonging to the everyday life of Women of every age, which, together with a genetic predisposition, could represent significant risk factors.

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Hereditary Thrombophilia (genetic predisposition to thrombosis) is a condition of increased thrombotic risk at vein or at artery level: the blood coagulates inside a blood vessel, it clings to the wall of the vessel, thus leading to a partial or total obstruction and altering or blocking the blood flow. Hereditary Thrombophilia makes its first appearance at a relatively early age (under 45 years) with recurrent thrombotic episodes. In about 50% of cases of Hereditary Thrombophilia it is possible to identify associated risk factors, such as surgery, pregnancy, intake of oral contraceptives and prolonged immobilization. Also certain environmental factors, when associated to genetic and risk factors, could predispose to this disease, such as cigarette smoke, obesity, diabetes, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia. The H.Thrombophilia genetic test analyses the genes implied in blood clotting and allows for the identification of the predisposition to this disease.

 The process

Either test of the Medline Programme follows a step-by-step process from DNA sampling to health prevention counselling.


The DNA sample is collected through a simple and non-invasive method and sent to the molecular biology laboratory for genetic investigation.

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The DNA sample is collected through a non-invasive method by using sterile buccal swabs which must be rotated and vigorously rubbed on the internal part of the cheek. The swabs must then be dipped in the vials containing lysis liquid for at least 30 seconds and then the vials must be carefully locked closed. The same sampling must be repeated three times. The consent form must be completed and signed in all its parts. The sampling must take place between meals and after thoroughly rinsing the mouth with water. Certain drinks might affect the sampling.

All sensitive data is protected in compliance with privacy provisions.
The DNA samples are destroyed after 60 days.

The DF Medica platform receives the encrypted data from the laboratory and elaborates such data on the basis of the algorithms set by the medical-scientific board. The reports are issued and sent in electronic form to the practitioner.

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DNA extraction and analysis are carried out in certified molecular biology laboratories equipped with latest generation technology. The iGenesis DNA test is currently processed through Micro Array technology specifically customized for- and designed by DF Medica. This technology is able to analyse up to 3000 SNPs contemporarily for each sample. The analysis is carried out in triplicate according to current standards

The qualified expertise and the human relationship between the healthcare practitioners and patients represent the further added value in building the training program tailored on individual potential.



The definition of a personalized health prevention plan is a process that involves DNA analysis and specialized counselling. The purpose of the Medline Programme is to be a service for professionals through which to gather precious information by means of genetic investigation. The genetic information will integrate the clinical data and lifestyle information for the qualified professional to have a complete picture of the patient and of the strategies to be implemented. In this framework professional expertise and practitioner-patient relationship is a key factor in order to offer the highest level of personalization in helth counselling and prevention.



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