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The iGenesis Programme

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The professional Nutrigenetic programme for personalized healthcare strategies

iGenesis is the integrated Nutrigenetics programme designed to investigate core metabolic and nutritional aspects of the human body. The iGenesis DNA test requires the professional interpretation and counselling of healthcare practitioners to provide patients with the highest level of personalization in their diet and health management plan.


 iGenesis Modules

  • iGenesis SLIM


    The Slim module deals with weight management issues. The module provides both the individual genetic profile related to the metabolism of macronutrients and further information about additional factors which influence the patient’s lifestyle, relationship with food and compliance with the diet, such as weight regain and response to calorie reduction, in order to optimize the accomplishment and maintenance of the ideal weight.

    • Protein metabolism
    • Carbohydrate metabolism
    • Lipid metabolism
    • Nutritional profile
    • Response to calorie reduction
    • Weight regain
    • Response to physical activity
    • Emotional and behavioural factors


  • iGenesis MICRO


    The Micro module provides the genetic information about vitamin metabolism, absorption and transport, together with the information about the metabolism of calcium and magnesium. Micronutrients play a fundamental role in the functioning of cell metabolism and it is important to ensure a correct intake as they are not produced autonomously by our body

    • Vitamin A metabolism
    • Vitamin B6 metabolism
    • Vitamin B9 metabolism
    • Vitamin B12 metabolism
    • Vitamin C metabolism
    • Vitamin D metabolism
    • Vitamin E metabolism
    • Vitamin J metabolism
    • Magnesium metabolism
    • Calcium metabolism


  • iGenesis SENSOR


    The Sensor module identifies individual predisposition to food intolerances and sensitivities to certain substances which could cause adverse reactions and increase chronical inflammation. This module investigates individual predisposition to sensitivity to alcohol, caffeine, nickel, sodium, fructose, lactose and gluten and the predisposition to a scarce or excessive absorption of iron.

    • Sensitivity to alcohol
    • Sensitivity to caffeine
    • Sensitivity to sodium
    • Sensitivity to nickel
    • Iron metabolism
    • Intolerance to lactose
    • Sensitivity to fructose
    • Predisposition to coeliac disease


  • iGenesis HEALTH


    The Health module investigates the predisposition to risk conditions and metabolic diseases, with the purpose of contributing in improving long-term health. Preventive knowledge about susceptibility to hypercholesterolemia or to reduced insulin activity, to abdominal fat or to metabolic syndrome represents valuable information for modulating the diet plan in a perspective of effective prevention.

    • Lipid metabolism and predisposition to hypercholesterolemia

    • Carbohydrate metabolism and predisposition to hyperglycemia
    • Predisposition to abdominal fat
    • Predisposition to metabolic syndrome


  • iGenesis DETOX


    The Detox module identifies the genetic predisposition of our body to efficiently contrast the excess of free radicals and the accumulation of toxins, which is determined by our antioxidant and detoxification capability. All the metabolic processes that take place inside our body produce waste substances which must be eliminated in order for our cells to develop healthily.

    • Detoxicant capability
    • Antioxidant capability
    • Detox index



 The process 

The iGenesis Programme follows a step-by-step process from DNA sampling to nutritional counselling.


The DNA sample is collected through a simple and non-invasive method and sent to the molecular biology laboratory for genetic investigation.

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The DNA sample is collected through a non-invasive method by using sterile buccal swabs which must be rotated and vigorously rubbed on the internal part of the cheek. The swabs must then be dipped in the vials containing lysis liquid for at least 30 seconds and then the vials must be carefully locked closed. The same sampling must be repeated three times. The consent form must be completed and signed in all its parts. The sampling must take place between meals and after thoroughly rinsing the mouth with water. Certain drinks might affect the sampling.

All sensitive data is protected in compliance with privacy provisions.
The DNA samples are destroyed after 60 days.


The DF Medica platform receives the encrypted data from the laboratory and elaborates such data on the basis of the algorithms set by the medical-scientific board. The reports are issued and sent in electronic form to the practitioner.


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DNA extraction and analysis are carried out in certified molecular biology laboratories equipped with latest generation technology. The iGenesis DNA test is currently processed through Micro Array technology specifically customized for- and designed by DF Medica. This technology is able to analyse up to 3000 SNPs contemporarily for each sample. The analysis is carried out in triplicate according to current standards

The DNA Tools software enables the practitioner to access all the test results and consult them in an easy and immediate way.


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The practitioner's expertise and the human relationship between practitioner and patient represent the further added value that will lead the patient towards renewed well-being.


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The definition of a personalized diet plan is a process that involves DNA analysis and qualified counselling. The purpose of the iGenesis Programme is to be a service for professionals through which to gather precious information by means of genetic investigation. The genetic information will integrate the clinical data and lifestyle information for the healthcare practitioner to have a complete picture of the patient and of the strategies to be implemented. In this framework professional expertise and practitioner-patient relationship is a key factor in order to offer the highest level of personalization in nutritional treatment.

The DNA test result is associated to specific nutraceutical formulations that will integrate the diet plan where required.

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The DF Medica nutraceutical formulations have been specifically designed on the genetic profiles defined by the iGenesis test and include functional ingredients chosen to meet the metabolic needs of nutrient transport and absorption. The demand for the highest possible degree of personalization is combined with the need to ensure the highest quality of raw materials. To this purpose, DF Medica nutraceuticals are guaranteed by the European quality label EQN.





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