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06 July 2017

24 June – Educational event: Nutrigenetics as innovative and personalized approach to patient health

24 June – Educational event: Nutrigenetics as innovative and personalized approach to patient health

On 24 June DF Medica held an educational event in the city pf Palermo, Sicily, to introduce practioners to the innovative concept of personal nutrition based on individual genetic traits. The event was organized with the collaboration of Blend Benessere & Cultura, a cultural and educational entity specialized in healthcare.

Speaker of the event was Dr. Adrian Fabio Zanoli, biologist and nutritional therapist specialized in food intolerances, also member of the DF Medica Science Advisory Board.

The aim of the event was to share with practitioners the latest contributions from the world of International Research which could be inspirational and useful for professional practice. Through a stimulating and practical approach, Dr. Zanoli presented the techniques to read and interpret new generation nutrigenetic reports and then put the information into practice by analysing some real-life case studies.

The central theme of the event was the interaction between nutrition and genetics, which, according to modern scientific literature, represents a winning strategy for defining a personalized diet plan made to measure for life and wellness.

Through the study of the genes involved in the metabolism of macro- and micro-nutrients and in other metabolic pathways, it is possible to obtain information that is a fundamental to facilitate weight loss, maintain ideal weight and turn nutrition into a primary means of prevention, well-being and longevity.

Soon courses and conferences will be organized in other Italian cities to bring healthcare professionals closer to the theme of personalization applied to nutrition and preventive medicine.


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