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18 January 2017

Save the date! 25 Feb - Reversing the clock on biological ageing: the key role of Nutrigenetics according to Professor Scapagnini

Written by DF Medica’s Scientific Advisory Board

Save the date! 25 Feb - Reversing the clock on biological ageing: the key role of Nutrigenetics according to Professor Scapagnini

Biological ageing is a tough and complex process, however nowadays Genetics grants us the possibility to have a unique insight to individual antioxidant and detoxification capability and consequently contrast the development of degenerative conditions through nutritional intervention.

This is the topic Prof.Scapagnini - MD, PhD Neurobiology and world expert in biological mechanisms of ageing, brain ageing and in functional nutrition - will discuss on 25 February at the County Hall in London in an event dedicated to healthcare practitioners.

The professor will guide the public through a learning journey about the genetic factors which impact brain health, cardiovascular health and overall longevity. He will talk about antiox and detox mechanisms, but also about other pathways which are strictly connected to the oxidative process, such as lipid metabolism and hypersensitivity to starch and fructose.

 As an expert in the field, he has taken part in a number of research studies which have investigated how certain genetic variants are associated to degenerative diseases and how certain functional substances, such as polyphenols and essential fatty acids, have a role in contrasting degenerative processes by boosting gene expression or by intervening on enzyme activity.

Professor Scapagnini’s intervention will be followed by a lecture by Prof Leuc (MD, PhD Glycobiology) about the genetics of protein glycosylation and how Glycan-based assessments can help establish an individual’s biological age – i.e. whether the person is younger or older than their chronological age – and represent precious information for disease prevention and treatment through nutrition and lifestyle changes.

The event will end with a practical workshop mediated by Miguel Toribio Mateas (nutrition practitioner and clinical neuroscientist) who will apply, together with the participants, the concepts to clinical situations and build a health management framework.

“Reversing the clock on biological ageing” will be a unique opportunity for practitioners to enter in contact with world experts and receive valuable and inspiring insights from international scientific research in the field of genetics and biological ageing mechanisms.

Don’t miss this opportunity, further information and bookings.

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